The Repair Module is used for the purpose of recovering equipment and those devices that are in damage. You can easily connect this module with the Manufacturing and Inventory Module for the smooth running of the module. As there is a long-term storage setting in the Warehouses, there is a high chance of damage to the commodities. So, in order to solve this problem of damages, you can refer to the Repair Module. You can make use of the repair services and thereby track the activities in various stages. By this, you can replace the products that are partially or completely decayed at the time of manufacturing.


Repair Orders

Under the Repair Module, you can create Repair orders to repair and exchange the decayed commodities. Using the period of warranty, you can maintain the repair works. You can go for the necessary steps by using the Repair Orders to solve the damages without delay. You can easily make Repair Orders in the Repair Module for a particular product that is completely or partially destroyed.

Invoicing Methods

There are some methods of invoicing repair orders. It highlights that companies often offer repair services for their products, sometimes covered by warranty. During the warranty period, invoicing may not be required, but afterward, it becomes necessary. Invoices can be issued before or after the repair, and costs vary based on the damage. In some cases, you will be needed to provide the parts of the commodities and make the customer vigilant about the extra payment on creating an invoice. If no replacement parts are required, invoicing is very easy.

No Invoice

If the service given by the company is free of cost, then an invoice is not required.

Before Invoice

This option can be made used if you are making the invoice before the process of repairing starts.

After Repair

The third method is the After Repair option, on which the invoice will be made after the repair.

When the repair is done the user can create the invoice.


The user can send quotations to the customers through emails.


The user can print quotations, and invoices.

Repair Order Tags

Tags are used to specify something, similarly repair order tags are used to specify something in repairs for user’s ease. In the configuration menu, repair order tags option is available.


Another Menu in the Repair Module is Reporting. This Menu helps you to understand the status of the repair and to create a report on your own. The user can view the report in different views. The repairing process can be studied using the reporting feature. In order to make the essential changes in the works, the reporting feature will be a great help.

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