Research and select, Configure the PLM module, Define product structure, Manage documents, Version and Revision control, Collaboration and workflows, Track changes and approval, Integration with other modules, User training and adoption etc.

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Product Lifecycle Management for enterprises

Manage Product's Lifecycle by reducing product complexity, decreased costs, and configurations at scale.

Handle engineering changes in real-time with ease

Business4x Product Lifecycle Management enables you to handle engineering changes across multiple departments in real-time. Real-time communication ensures a seamless product lifecycle process.

Approvals are easy, cross-departmental discussions flow easily on documents, and each employee can access what is relevant to their department.

Integrated Document Management - Worksheets, Drawings, and Documents

  • Worksheets and work centre control panels come with triggered alerts - to pass necessary product details or requirements to the manufacturing department.
  • Allows you to attach the relevant documents directly to BoMs, routings, etc.
  • Control all the different versions of your documents with ease.

Gives you control of different versions

With Business4x’s efficient PLM, you can track changes across different versions of the document. Allows you to work on separate versions of a BoM parallelly. Apply the differences to the final version later on.

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