Invoicing Schedule


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Invoicing Schedule

In Business4X website, Invoicing Schedule offers a comprehensive solution for managing invoice plans, contract types, and customer contracts with ease. Designed to streamline your invoicing process and enhance contract management efficiency, our module empowers businesses to create customized invoicing schedules, define contract terms, and efficiently manage customer agreements.

Invoice Plans

  • Tailor plans for diverse durations, meeting varied billing needs effectively.
  • Customize plans with multiple monthly lines for varied payment structures.
  • Seamlessly link plans to revenue accounts, integrate tax configurations for accurate tracking, compliance, and streamlined generation.

Contract Type

  • Offer a range of contract types to suit different business   arrangements and customer agreements. 

Customer Contracts Creation

  • Easily customize contracts with payment terms and schedules to meet specific preferences.
  • Define unique payment terms for clear and flexible payment arrangements.
  • Automate invoicing based on contract payment schedules for efficiency and reduced manual work.

Extra Features 

  • Ability to generate invoices in different currencies to accommodate international clients and transactions.
  • Seamlessly integrate with accounting software to synchronize invoice data and streamline financial reporting processes.
  • Provide built-in communication tools for sending invoices, reminders, and payment receipts directly from the invoicing module.
  • Manage recurring invoices for subscription-based services or memberships, allowing for automated generation and billing at regular intervals.

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